To Create the FUT Galacticos with Legends Card

18 janvier 2015

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In the Ultimate Team Mode, there are various all kinds of team style. Every players can build team based on personal preference. The ultimate team provides the chance for everyone to make infinite possibilities. No only you can make the team with different league players, even though, you can make the excellent player who comes from different times in your team. And the attributes are amazing! Sounds great?

How do you think that? Is that amazing? I supposed that all the fifa fans know these legends players, and if you want to build a team like this should buy lots of FIFA 15 Coins XBOX 360 / ONE. These players in legends cards all made impressive achievement and honorable retired super star.

As for why choose to build 5-3-2 formation, because this is a typical defensive and strike back squad. The characteristic of this squad is the two strikers and the wingers, therefore, the central front and side wings is the key area for this squad. Do you want to have a squad like this? Come to FIFA15-Coin, we would like to help you get FIFA 15 Xbox Legends card.

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