TOTY Investment Questions

19 janvier 2015


Hi guys! I just finished making my investments as I feel the market is close to the bottom. I wanted to give some advice on specific players in case you have some FIFA coins and don’t know how to spend it, as well as answer general questions for as long as I’m up.

First off, the players (I’m on XB1 for price purposes). I tend to stick to three types of players for investment purposes.
The first, and most common, are underpriced IFs. In this case, many are underpriced because of the unusually high number of packs opened this week. That would normally be good BUT! keep in mind that the unusually high number of IF players opened this week will stay on the market. IF Oscar seems like a great deal (and is!) but no one is buying him to quick sell. Be careful with your coins this week or you’ll get caught trying to flip them at the same time as everyone else.

I like:

  • SIF Isco- Criminally low price for a SIF of a guy from a popular league, nation, and club who is among the best (affordable) option at this position (CAM) in La Liga.
  • IF Caceres- Basically discard price who takes over the best RB (rating) spot in Serie A from Lichtsteiner. Although I like Lichsteiner better, his price point is a fair comparison. This has tons of room to grow.
  • SIF Alexis- Quite simply, this is not a 350k card. Go buy a couple if you have the coin. He is probably getting an upgrade. He is hugely popular. He is now the best EPL option at LW. This should be a big money double up.

The second type of player I like is high card weight, highly liquid players. These guys tend to be the players you see most often in division 10-3. The high pace guys, the random fan favorites. They drop a lot during mass pack openings because the supply is huge, due to their higher card weight, but they inevitably rebound due to their high demand. Here are my favorites with their current, and January 10 price.

  • Dani Alves- 12750-24500
  • Paul Pogba- 15000-24500
  • David Alaba- 35750-52000
  • Daniel Sturridge- 8200-17500
  • Juan Cuadrado- 5000-10500
  • Andre Schurrle- 1800-5750
  • Mats Hummels- 4900-10750
  • Loic Remy- 1000-4000

There are tons more like this, but these are a few of my favorites. They won’t give you the insane return on investment that some IFs can, but they’re the easiest coin you can get, in my opinion.

Lastly, we have guys who are the surefire, hands down best player at their position in their league. If you’re building a league squad you want this guy. Here I give a little bit on players not named Messi and Ronaldo because most players can’t afford them, so Neymar counts. A few with room to recover…

  • Robert Lewandowski- 48000-77500
  • Neymar- 175000-217000
  • Kun Aguero- 199000-253000
  • Vincent Kompany- 31250-50000
  • Gareth Bale- 450000-506000

Note that this group is harder right now because it’s hit hard by TOTY players. Also note that I’m solidly off the Reus bandwagon. He’s good, but I don’t expect him to recover enough to match the gains on these guys. My favorite is Lewa, by the way. There’s just no one else in Bundesliga who touches him under 400k.

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